NIS TM is the leading manufacturer, delivering solution-oriented quality products for our customers globally. Our humble bearing oriented as a result of a visible void within a market demanding, High-volume, and competitively priced Bearing product range.

 Our Bearing range includes all types Ball, Cylindrical, Spherical, Needle and Tapered roller bearings along with many special types such as plain Spherical Bushes and Rod Ends.

 The establishment of NIS TM has not only created a market presencem but a global penetration in supplying to various industry sectorsm including Original Eauipment manufacturers and maintenance driven departments.

 Following a brief consolidation period and increasing continuances of market demand, NIS TM

Expanded its product range to include. 

1)      Pillow and Plummer Block Housings.

2)      Automotive Bearing and Accessories.

3)      Roller Chains.

4)      Universal Joint Products.

 The success of NIS TM is based upon strict adherence to quality standars and implementation of factory Quality Control measures, which deploy tighter tolerance range, greater number of manufacturing procedural chek points, and quality inspection with zero tolerance acceptance.

 Due to increasing application and environmental demands of today, NIS TM is very committed to continually test the boundaries of research and manufactoring to deliver the best value precision components.

 NIS TM  remains felexible in considering new product additions, while maintaining strict standars of quality control.

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